About V2 Motto

We believe the process of owning a foldable bicycle should be a fun experience for everyone.

V2 Motto – named after both founders, who are best friends and partners for decades. It all started with the same hobby and a shared belief in life principles that we valued the most. Our daily conversations mostly involved cycling and the need to find the right folding bike for ourselves.

As newcomers back then, we visited many shops but we couldn’t get the best foldable bicycles and it was difficult to have complete information about the products. We then realized what the market was lacking, so we decided to fill in the gap.

With the passion for cycling and the experience that we gained in our existing distribution business, we started writing to bicycle factories for a long-term partnership. After countless days and nights of phone calls and meetings, our hard work finally paid off! We partnered up with amazing people who shared the same vision as us and willing to support us in proudly producing our very own foldable bicycles, V2 Motto.

We turned our dream into an incredible reality on 2020 with the aim to make choosing and buying the right bike a pleasant experience. We hope we inspire you to live an active life, just as our customers have inspired us every day.

The foldable bikes in V2 Motto are personally picked from what we love and think is the best for the market. We’d love to invite you to give us a try and we hope to meet you guys in person to learn from each other. Together, let’s create the first step towards a better community with quality foldable bicycles.